Friday, October 11, 2002


it's saturday... nearly lunch time.. i still dunno whether i have to do overtime or not today.. boss were not in a good mood today..
dunno why? *hm* aiyo.. i still feel dizzy.. dunno y? gastric again? *blech* i hate sick... but sumtime i like being sick coz i can get MC
hehehehe... Cool...! im picking my baby soon at his place. my kittens woke me up early in the mornin.. y? coz they're hungry..! i think 3am lo..! they can be such a crying babies sumetime.. but i Love them.. :)

Love my cats..

well.. not much to post.. think i'll post again later..


love my 29 :D

Thursday, October 10, 2002


it's friday..n im not feeling good...i feel like i wanna pyuck.. *blech* :( i'm sad.. i dunt know ah.. im bored.. nuthin new nowadays.. just same old stuff.. im pretty busy at the moment with tender n stuff.. so i'll post later...


*miss* muh baby *muah*

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Hiyee..... This week have got to be the worse of all.. my sis have been giving me this cold look.. n i dunt even know what's wrong with her? did i do something to her that make her unhappy? Damn..! i dunt like this.. well.. screw her.. she can do what ever.. she can continue not talking to me as long as she want to.. i DUNT CARE :( see.. that's y sumtime i hate my life.. *sniff* it's not worth living if your problems keeps on coming to u.....

i'll stop here

Im depressed.. :(